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Some books promised for this year's fair:-

O'Donovan, John: Leabhar na gCeart, or, The  Books of Rights. 1st Ed., 1847; Montague, John: The Bread God. Dolmen. Ltd. Ed. (250). 1968. Signed; Kernoff, Harry: 12 Woodcuts. Ltd. Ed. (300). Signed; Ferguson, Samuel: The Cromlech on Howth. Day.1st Ed.[From Craobh Rua Books]

(1)Annals of Ulster. 1st Ed., 1887-1901. 4 Vols. Publisher's de-luxe rich tan morocco. An unusually handsome copy; (2) Antrim & Down: Ordnance Survey Maps of Antrim & Down. A bound collection of 25 maps, comprising 23 one-inch maps covering Cos. Antrim & Down plus the six-inch Index Map for each of the two counties. Linen-backed and hand-coloured. 1862; (3) Hamilton, Andrew: A True Relation of the Actions of the Inniskilling-Men, from their First Taking up of Arms in December 1688, for the Defence of the Protestant Religion, etc. London, 1690; (4) Walker, George , Rev: A True Account of the Siege of London-Derry. London, 1689. A particularly fresh copy;(5) Benn, George: A History of the Town of Belfast. 2 Vols in one, 1877 & 1880. A superior copy with the very large maps in fresh condition; (6) Dubourdieu, John: Statistical Survey of the County of Antrim. 1812. A particularly fresh copy;(7) Dubourdieu, John: Statistical Survey of the County of Down. 1802; (8) Griffith, Richard: Geological and Mining Surveys of the Coal Districts of the Counties of Tyrone and Antrim. 1829. 4 hand-coloured multi-folding plates. Half royal blue leather; (9) Hill, George: An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster. 1st Ed., 1877; (10) Knox, Alexander: A History of the County of Down. 1875. Large folding coloured map; (11) McSkimin, Samuel  & McCrum, Elizabeth: The History and Antiquities of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus. 1909;(12) Madden, Richard Robert: The United Irishmen, their Lives and Times. 3 vols. [1920];(13) Montgomery, William & Hill, George (Editor): The Montgomery Manuscripts: (1603-1706). 1869; (14) Portlock, J.E: Report of the Geology of the County of Londonderry, and of parts of Tyrone and Fermanagh. 1843; (15) Reeves, William, Rev.: Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and Dromore. 1847;(16) Sampson, George Vaughan: A Memoir, explanatory of the Chart and Survey of the County of London-Derry. 1814;(17) Sampson, George Vaughan: Statistical survey of the County of Londonderry. 1802. A tall, particularly fresh copy. (18) Young, Robert M: Historical Notes of Old Belfast. Marcus Ward. 1896. De Luxe Large Paper Edition  limited to 150 copies Signed by R.M. Young. Printed on hand-made Dutch (Van Gelder) paper, folding double-page map, plates are printed in proof state on Japanese vellum. Numerous illustrations throughout text by John and Joseph Carey, bound in very attractive original 'crocodile skin' pattern damask specially woven by Wm. Ewart & Son of Belfast. Taylor, Jeremy: Rules and Advices to the Clergy of the Diocese of Down and Connor for their Deportment in their Personal and Publick Capacities. Given by Jer. Taylor, Bishop of that Diocess, at the Visitation at Lisnegarvey. London. Royston. Second Ed., 1663; Rust, George: A Funeral Sermon Preached at the Obsequies of the Right Reverend Father in God, Jeremy [Taylor], Lord Bishop of Down. Who deceased at Lysburne, August 13th , 1667. London. Royston, 1668. [ From P. & B. Rowan]

Beckett, Samuel:   Watt. 1st US Pb. 1957; Murphy. 1st US Hb; Company. 1st US edition, 1980. Hb; How it is. Final novel. Both US & UK editions; Ill Seen, Ill Said. Later short prose. UK & US 1st eds., 1981. Worstward Ho, 1983. 1st ed.; All above in Mint condition; Beckett, Samuel: The Trilogy.1st US edition. Hb.; O'Brien, Flann: At Swim-Two-Birds. 1966 edition, Hb; The Third Policeman. 1st ed., 1967, Hb; Colum, Padraic & Mary: Our Friend James Joyce. 1st US Printing, 1958. Signed by Padraic; Moore, Brian: Black Robe. 1st ed., 1985. Hb; Donleavy, J.P: A Singular Man. 1st ed., 1964. Hb with Dj; Myles na gCopaleen: An Beal Bocht. Dolmen Press Ed., 1964; Smith, Raymond: The Fighting Irish in the Congo; (Periodical): The Honest Ulsterman  -  Issues for 1971 & 1978; Stephens, James: The Insurrection in Dublin. 1st ed., 1916; Boll, Heinrich: Irish Journal. 1st ed., 1967; Tributes to Samuel Beckett: As No Other Dare Fail (on his 80th birthday); and, Beckett at 60; Devlin, Bernadette: The Price of My Soul.1st ed., 1969. Hb with Dj. Fine; Sylvia Beach: Shakespeare & Co. 1959. Dj.; Holland, Vyvyan: Son of Oscar Wilde. 1954. Dj; Kavanagh, Patrick: Tarry Flynn. 1972 ed., Dj; Heaney, Seamus: Three 1st.ed. paperbacks: The Spirit Level. 1996; Station Island, 1984; Electric Light, 2001. [Hoey Books]

John, Earl of Clare:  Dublin  printed speech, 1798; Boyce, William: Contemplations on the Holy Scriptures. Belfast, 1836; Early Larne ephemera: Football Club Membership Card, 1907; Golf Club Rules, 1928; Early programme album of town events and history; A programme of the visit of a Welsh Rugby team, 1939; Early harbour photos & Church histories. [Camlin Books]

Temple, Sir John: The Irish Rebellion 1641. London, 1812; Antrim, Angela: The Antrim McDonnells. Revised ed., 1978; 'Civis': Observations on the Impunity Enjoyed by Orangemen in the North of Ireland. Dublin, 1855; Sloan, Mrs J.J: The Enniskillen Cookery Book. 1920. [From Geata Buidhe Books].

Periodicals: Long run of The Honest Ulsterman ; Also Threshold   -  a literary journal containing early Heaney poems; Also: Kilkenny Magazine, Spring 1963 containing Heaney's Mid-term Break; Also: Long run of Mariner's Mirror, nicely bound in blue cloth; The Correspondence of H.E. Manning and W.E. Gladstone. Four-volume set in Djs. OUP. 2013. Mint; Muldoon, Paul: New Selected Poems.1st ed., 1996. Mint Hb. *Signed. [Russell Books] 

A Guide to the Giant's Causeway and the North Coast, 1834; Handbook of thr United Diocese of Down & Connor and Dromore with views of some noteworthy churches, AD 1886; Bhedel, William:  Biobla Naomhtha. 1827; The Bishopric of Derry and the Irish Society of London. Two Vols., 1968; Stephens, James: The Insurrection in Dublin; Keightley, S.R: The Pikemen.A Romance of the Ards of Down; O Cadhain, Mairtin: Cre na Cille. 1970; Swan, H.P:  Romantic Inishowen; Colaiste Uladh 1906-1956 fa choimirce Cholm Cille. Leabhar cuimhne Iubhaile Leith-chead blian; O Domhnaill, Niall (a d'aistrigh): Seachran na nAingeal; O'Byrne, Cathal: As I Roved Out.1946; Also: Concise View of the Irish Society 1832; The Shanachie. An Illustrated Irish Miscellany 1906. Vol. I; Loca Patriciana 1832; De Annatis Hiberniae. Vol. I: Ulster. 1912; Amhrain Chuige Chonnacht. Leagan meadaithe; Birds, Fish and Cetacea of Belfast Lough. 1880; Dundalk  -  A Military History 1987; M. O'Donovan Rossa: My Father and Mother Were Irish. 1939; Annals of the Irish Theatre Royal. Dublin. 1880; Irish Seals and Seal Matrices. 1913. [From Aisling Books]

Mac Neill, Maire: The Festival of Lughanasa  1st ed., 1962; Ulster Historical Foundation: History of the Irish Parliament.1692-1800. Six-volume set. Paperback; Mullin, James: The Story of a Toiler's Life. 1st ed., 1921; Harris, Walter: The Antient and Present State of the County of Down. Reprint, 1977; Coote, Sir Charles: Statistical Survey of County Armagh. Reprint, 1984; Reynolds, J.J: Footprints of Emmet. 1st ed. 1903; O'Casey, Sean: The Story of the Irish Citizen Army. 1971; Meehan, Rev. C.P: : Fate and Fortunes of Hugh O Neill and Rory O'Donel, Earl of Tyrone. New York, 1886; Forde, Rev. Canon Hugh: Round the Coast of Northern Ireland.1928; Also: Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook (1917 edition). [From Lyonshill Books]

Saintfield Antiques & Fine Books   has just accessioned what is probably the finest collection of pamphlets in Ireland, and, at the Belfast Book Fair is proposing to offer at £2 each, thousands of pamphlets, and Victorian portraits, transport photographs, and military postcards from the 1930s. Pamphlet subjects include local topography, maps, religion, literature, history, politics, prints, planning, transport, archaeology, cinema, and cookery. They will also be offering an unrivalled selection of very rare Irish postcards.

Brown, Christy: My Left Foot. *Inscribed 1st ed. with Dj. ; Keane, Molly: An original handwritten letter by her, on her headed notepaper, along with a copy of her novel, Good Behaviour. Molly Keane was the daughter of 'Moira O'Neill' who was the author of the popular Songs of the Glens of Antrim; Heaney, Seamus: Hailstones. Limited Edition, *Signed by the author; Dali, Salvador: A Signed and numbered Limited Edition lithograph, framed and mounted behind glass. Titled Elephant with Stork's Legs. This illustration is numbered 175 of 250 copies issued; Beckett, Samuel: Two unique signed first pages from plays ["First Love", and "Enough"] by this author. They were produced to commemorate his winning the Nobel Prize and are each limited to an edition of one!; Also: A rare copy of the Tactical Notes issued to the British military in 1915. This copy is signed by Joseph Mary Plunkett; Also: No. 45 of a Limited Edition of 100 copies of 32 Counties. An account of each of the 32 counties of Ireland written by a noted author from that county, with photographs by Donovan Wylie. This copy is signed by all 32 of the writers concerned, including Seamus Heaney, Michael Hartnett, John McGahern, Michael Longley, William Trevor, etc. [From John's Bookshop, Athlone]

Sturges, Rev. J: Letters of a Prebendary in answer to Reflections on Popery. Cork. 1807; Also: The Royal Military Chronicle. Our British Officers' Monthly Register, May 1811 -  October, 1815. 9 vols in all (ex-10), viz:- Vols 2 -10 inclusive; Baker, Sir Samuel White: Albert N'Yanza  -   Great Basin of the Nile; Also: A collection of nine books illustrated by Randolph Caldicott. [From Royal Carbery Books, Cork]

 Duffy, P.J: The Landscapes of South Ulster; O'Laverty, Rev. J: Parishes of Down and Connor. 5 vol. set Davidson Reprint; Jope, E.A: An Archaeological Survey of Co. Down; Gailey, Alan: Rural Homes of the North of Ireland. 1984; Andrews, J.H: Plantation Acres. 1985; Carson, W.H:  The Dambuilders. 1981; Lucas, A.T: Furze.1st ed., 1960; Praeger, S. Rosamond: The Child's Picture Grammar. 1900; Also: Ulster Journal of Archaeology. 2nd & 3rd Series; Brooke, Rupert: The Old Vicarage Granchester.  1st ed., 1916; Also: Plaster figurine  'The Philosopher', sculpted by  S. Rosamond  Praeger  -  signed and dated, 1916. [From Laracor Books, Trim]